Vigilante Studios

For many years after moving on from VOICE Magazine, I have been wanting to use what I learned during those years to create a new organization that helps artists thrive, form an artist community, and provide a creative home for all ages. By 2019, I was well into planning Vigilante Studios. The end goal was to produce creative projects while training and serving the community. Vigilante Studios was built to serve artists and help them move toward their creative goals utilizing digital tools. The first step was to find some space, build some workstations, and get things in order for training and production.

Born out of the pandemic, the timing was challenging as the studio was launched in the small town of Bonners Ferry, Idaho in a 450sq ft. space. So for most of 2020, the studio was lightly used with only a few people in at one time. With an adoption of a new team and some partnering the studio was relocated to a better location in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Vigilante Studios in North Idaho is a digital art training facility, a production company, and a service shop. Our primary location is in Sandpoint, Idaho and serves the growing community, while providing an innovative hub in Bonner County and surrounding communities. Here are a few articles about the organization.

Artists have home at Vigilante Studios

THE READER (Sandpoint, ID)
Turning dreams into reality

Escape From The Real World (Page 17)

Vigilante Studios moves to Sandpoint
Creative Services Worldwide
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