3D Modeling and Animation

I will expand on this section, however I wanted to get some samples up fast. This backpack was custom modelled from scratch in Autodesk Maya, then detail sculpted and basic shader work in Autodesk Mudbox.

Here is a short animation completed in 2016. Michael Marchetti and I created this for a Shriners Hospital Project. Under tight deadline, and only two artists, I’d say pretty good!

Here are some various models I have worked.

Hand Sculpted in Zbrush for Moulage Concepts™
Drone Render Textured in Mari

A test in Look Development for a plastic glass.

Modeled in Maya (Forced Perspective) and textured in Mari. Rendered in Vray.

Despite what some may think, rocks are tough to model! This was my first attempt in 2018
Character concept and model sculpt created in Maya and Z Brush.

Here is a study of basic untextured models and movement of Oggy’s Army Characters. A project I have been workign on for more than 20 years. now going 3D

This was for a test for creating glass and blending colors in Vray for Look Development.

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