My First NFT

On the Super Expensive, Ridiculous, Ethereum Network.

Well, I though I would try making an NFT that was attached to a high resolution digital file that a person could own and print at whatever size they needed. My attempt was successful, although I had a few hiccups, and still not able to get this thing validated to prove to Rarible (where i minted the NFT) that I am the creator. I had the original art, but it burned up in the Paradise Camp fire in 2018. I gave it some time, but still not able to communicate properly with them to get it validated. Additionally, i had to pay twice the amount in ETH to get this thing minted and up on the Opensea store. The first time I payed the transaction was lost in the digital black hole. The second time it went through, so I ended spending about 160.00 USD at the time.

Think I will go with MATIC. I have created an entire set of Oggy’s Army NFTs on the Polygon (Matic) Network for free.

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